All Black Santoku 200

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This All-Black Santoku combines black ebony with a classic diamond damascus.

Lilienstahl is the first manufacturer to produce carbon damascus steels with a glossy black surface through targeted oxidation, which is food-safe, serves as a light surface protection and can be renewed at any time.

This opens up new possibilities in design and use. With conventional surface coatings, you have to be satisfied if they are damaged or scratched. Not so with our Black Editions, as the handle is permanently attached to the knife.

The coating shimmers in blue-violet to black, depending on whether there is an oil film on the surface or not.

100% of the added value was created in the Lilienstahl manufacture in Austria.

Blade: Hand forged damascus, 63 HRC, 200 mm
Blade height: 62 mm
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm  tapered
Handle: european style, black ebony
Overall lenght: 360mm 
Weight: 251 g

1 Piece


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    Each Lilienstahl knife is unique and undergoes several extensive quality controls before it leaves our manufactory.

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    • Only use the knife on a wooden or plastic cutting board.
    • Only use the back of the blade to remove the cuttings from the board.
    • Enjoy the sharpness and craftsmanship of the knife.
    • After use, wash the knife with lukewarm water. A little detergent is also recommended for the blade.
    • Dry the knife carefully with a cloth so that no moisture remains.
    • Knife lovers will also care the blade with a drop of camellia oil.
    • Place the knife in the storage box and look forward to the next use.

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