Nakiri 190 snakewood

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This Lilienstahl Nakiri is forged out of 520 layers Damascus-steel and finished with a snakewood handle. 

Snakewood is a true gem of nature. Its extraordinary grain, reminiscent of the smooth movements of a snake, gives it an unparalleled aesthetic. The deep, warm hues range from rich brown to dark, almost black shades, interspersed with fine, lighter lines. This natural pattern makes every piece of snakewood unique.

The uniqueness of snakewood lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its exceptional hardness and density. These characteristics give it remarkable durability and resilience, making it ideal for creating long-lasting and robust knife handles.

Even the fine natural cracks and inclusions in the snakewood, which are sealed by skilful stabilization with resins, blend harmoniously into the overall picture and underline the unique nature of this special wood.

Our snakewood comes from responsible sources, so you can enjoy it with a clear conscience.

Lilienstahl has ensured the best possible handling, hygiene and durability with its specially developed processing technology.
The knife is tapered (conically forged to the blade tip)
4 steels form the basis for the damascus  for a balanced blade with the best possible performance.

You will receive the illustrated piece.
Each knife is handmade in Austria in our own manufactory.

  • Blade: Hand-forged damascus, 63 HRC, 190mm
  • Blade height: 60 mm
  • blade thickness: 2.3 mm strongly tapered
  • Handle details: european style
  • weight: 248 g

1 piece


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    Each Lilienstahl knife is unique and undergoes several extensive quality controls before it leaves our manufactory.

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    • Only use the knife on a wooden or plastic cutting board.
    • Only use the back of the blade to remove the cuttings from the board.
    • Enjoy the sharpness and craftsmanship of the knife.
    • After use, wash the knife with lukewarm water. A little detergent is also recommended for the blade.
    • Dry the knife carefully with a cloth so that no moisture remains.
    • Knife lovers will also care the blade with a drop of camellia oil.
    • Place the knife in the storage box and look forward to the next use.

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