Sujihiki 245 black edition

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The Sujihiki describes a Japanese filleting and carving knife.

The extremely thinly ground blade adapts perfectly to the piece of meat or fish to be filleted. Despite its 63 HRC hardness, the complex Damascus blade has elastic properties for high-precision work.

The European handle shape provides the necessary grip and control for the 225 mm long patinated Damascus steel blade. The handle material is one of our B&W Royal Ebony woods and one of the finest woods in the world. The 50-year drying period makes the wood a wonderful finishing touch to the hand-forged Damascus blade.

  • Blade: 245 mm, 35mm wide, 63 HRC
  • Blade back: 3.7 mm strong tapered
    (elastic tip)
  • Handle: 135 mm
  • 210 grams


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  • Only use the knife on a wooden or plastic cutting board.
  • Only use the back of the blade to remove the cuttings from the board.
  • Enjoy the sharpness and craftsmanship of the knife.
  • After use, wash the knife with lukewarm water. A little detergent is also recommended for the blade.
  • Dry the knife carefully with a cloth so that no moisture remains.
  • Knife lovers will also care the blade with a drop of camellia oil.
  • Place the knife in the storage box and look forward to the next use.

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